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die gute KAYA KALP Ayurvedische Seife
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Texte von der Hersteller-Seite:

About Kayakalp Soap 

A natural ayurvedic soap, with coconut oil and 23 ayurvedic herbs.

Made with the time tested traditional techniques of Ayurveda.

Cleanses your skin of blemishes, pimples. Clears body odour.

Moisturises your skin naturally, and prevents it from ageing.

Use this soap daily to rejuvinate your body, and prevent prickly heat. This soap also helps in cooling the body, and has a soothing effect.

It is 100% herbal and made of pure coconut oil. it is much better than medimix soap. We used selected 23 herbs which are very good for skin. 

  each 75g

cut from:


Ingredients: (quantys differ!)

Crataera Religiosa 0.05% 
Oil of the Red Sandalwood 0.06% 
Cuscusroot 0.06% 
Agrostis Linearis 0.05% 
Cassia Aurieulata 0.04% 
Amomum 0.07% 
Jamaica Liguorice 0.03% 
Acorus Calamus 0.06% 
Sarasaparilla 0.04% 
Merium antidysentiricum 0.05% 
Milia Azidarachta 0.07% 
Black Cuminseed 0.03% 
A Pungent Creeper 0.02% 
Pooralea Corylifolia 0.06% 
Dried Pumpkin 0.06% 
Ginger 0.05% 
Phyllanthus Emplica 0.04% 
Lemon 0.07% 
Basil (ocymum Sanctum) 0.06% 
Cyperus Stoloniferus 0.04% 
Myrrh 0.05% 
Acalypha Indica 0.07% 
Mimusops 0.03% 
with Aloevera 0.05%

Apply Kayakalp soap on your body and hair . Let the lather stay for two to three minutes and wash it away. Kayakalp soap prevents prickly heat. The powerful medicinal herbs in Kayakalp soap gives youth and freshness to the body and hair. – Prevents the ailments of the body. – Activates youth fullness and ensures glowing skin – An effective deodorant – An powerful bactricide – Beautifies the body – For flowing skin – An effective germicide – To dispel the offensive smell of perspiration – A remedy for insect bites – A cure for tumors and eruption – An effective germicide – Preserves youthfulness of the body – Prevents rheumatic inflammation of the joint – Develops immunity – Cure for eczema and scares – Acts as an antibiotic – Cools down the body heat – Promotes body lustre – Kills airborne germs – Acts as an invigorator energizer – Kills germs found in filth – An effective fungicide – Reduces body heat